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2825 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA, 94115
United States

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About the Artist

Jackie’s passion for both art and food started at an early age. Her father loves to tell anyone who will listen that as a two-year-old she would sit on the floor drawing perfect circles. Mom’s prowess in the kitchen (and famous blackberry pie) led to an appreciation for all things culinary and a life-long sweet tooth.

After dabbling in everything from oil painting to print making, Jackie found her medium soulmate as a senior in high school: watercolor. The careful planning, patience, and ability to deal with the not-so-occasional element of surprise that it requires, continues to challenge and inspire her to this day.

College led Jackie to Los Angeles where she studied Art History, graduating with highest honors from UCLA. She maintained a sense of creativity after school by pursuing careers in advertising at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and marketing at both small startups and large corporations, including Sephora. 

But “applicably creative” wasn’t enough, and in 2014, she traded her desk job for a paint brush.

Jackie currently works and resides in San Francisco, CA. 


About the Collection: Food Play

First and foremost, Food Play is fun.

It’s not about something heavy or a hidden meaning; you don’t have to know the discourse of art history. All that is required? An appetite to smile.

 Each original watercolor focuses on a single food item – generally something relatively iconic – and places it front and center in white space. With a moment in the spotlight, every cheeseburger, ice cream cone, donut… is immortalized, idealized, and positioned to tell its story.

 Handwritten on the back of each piece you’ll find the title – a play on words meant to make you giggle – and several sentences about the history of the subject. Ever wonder about the origins of the Pop-Tart? Probably not, but now you might.




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